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Discovering, clarifying, and aligning goals with what you want to achieve as a family.

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Family Synergy Center’s purpose is to provide family-centered education by giving lectures in schools, libraries, and other public venues. Here you will find relevant facts, statistics, and other data on causes, current efforts and solutions to reduce divorce rate's while restoring and encouraging functionality within the family.

 Our programs include mentoring and raising social consciousness about the need for family-focused resources in order to provide immediate relief and assistance to those suffering from family dysfunction. Our focus is to help families face life challenges and develop a healthy confidence in their ability to overcome any obstacle through personal development:






Our Story

Family Synergy Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was birthed out of the desire to build stronger families, which in turn strengthens communities and our society as a whole.

We realize that when families hurt and are without support, so do our communities. This is why we have embarked on the journey to being a cure for those in need of help. Our desire is to help those who would usually be denied resources due to their current economic status.


If this is you and your family, we want you to know that there is hope, and we desire to help. 

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